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Shule support  Operates under the umbrella of education programs in Joshua foundation focusing in providing expertise and support to teachers and organizations to create optimal learning environments for children. We do this through in service teachers training, classroom mentoring, resource sharing and teachers networking. 

Our Recognitions


For the past five years we been intensively engaging in in-service teachers training that focused on improving and updating teachers pedagogical competence .This came immediately after the introduction of competence based curriculum .


We support and empower teachers to reach their full potentials so that they can increase success of the students.


Our team‘s include professional teachers born and educated in Tanzania ,New Zealand , Australia and United states of America .The wealth of knowledge and experience is the key factor in being able to offer such a broad scope of professional development and information sessions.

Our Services

Some of the services shule support offers. 

Teachers mentoring

In many occasions, teachers could attend 3 or 4 days seminars and workshops sessions only to return to their classrooms without the skills to enact change. That should not be a problem anymore with mentoring from Shule support; educators receive the guidance they need to expand the boundaries of learning.

Teachers training

Shule support offers face to face in-service teachers training and online in-service teachers training on specific topics to address specific needs of your teachers. Tailored by expert team of teachers, our trainings are flexible to cater the needs and themes that suits your school and students

How We Work


The first option is an onsite program, which means that we send our mentors to conduct the training at your school. This option is suitable for schools that prefer the convenience of having the training conducted on their premises. This option will include the training fee, mentoring fee, mentor’s accommodation and transport costs.


The second option is an offsite program, which means that your teachers come to the Joshua Foundation to receive the training. This option is suitable for schools that prefer a more immersive training experience. This option will include accommodation costs that we will provide at the Joshua foundation, training and mentoring fees.


Shule Support also offers an online platform as a third modality for its in-service program, in addition to onsite and offsite mentoring and training. The online platform provides a convenient and flexible way for teachers to receive support and guidance, regardless of their location or schedule.


If you decide to study this course, you will benefit from our flexible approach to ensure you become a better teacher.We are excited to give you the best package of math training that has been proved to work around the world.  

You don’t need to use sticks anymore because This course is designed to give you options. We will show you how to manage your students without 

This course will help you to design assessment activities and tools that focus on leaving no child behind. It will give you skills that help your assessment data to inform your teaching and design lessons that address learning needs of each child in your classroom. You will also learn on how to involve your students on ongoing assessment of their own work.